Myofascial Release (Week 2)

  • Genre(s): General
  • Duration: 00:36:35
  • Level: Beginner
  • Language: Spanish

What you'll learn

Hi guys! In this video we are going to target some of the most relevant muscles that play a crucial role on posture, and also the one who overload the most because our modern lifestyle (A.K.A being seated down for many hours a day) This guided massage tour will release years of acumulated tension on certain muscle groups, thus preventing limitations on your functional movements, therefore promoting the more effective biomechanics of your body. Give it a try! your body will appreciate it.


You can try a wide variety of tools: - Basket ball - Lacrosse ball - PVC pipe - knitting stick - deodorant can - bottle

Video Description

you want to look for the most tender spots, as soon as you identify a painfull area, stay there and let the gravity do the work! stay for 2 minutes on each point, on both sides.

2 Class(es)

Julian Ojeda

Hi there..! My name is Julián, I'm a Physiotherapist and B-boy from Chile.

I spent many years overseas among Australia, New zealand, Argentina, and Asia, where I had the chance to experience different cultures through dance, work and studies.

The world is going through a hard time, and that will transform the way we live. Many things are changing!

Because of that, I inmediatelly figured out the best way to keep mi Patients/clients on track, either through videocall or recorded classes, in order to keep improving their quality of life, through mobility work, myofascial release and core strengthening, so this would lead to less pain and better efficiency of their bodies.

On the other hand, using 11 years of breaking background, I designed Bboying classes, going from super basic level to more advanced level, working on fundational concepts as toprock, footwork, freezes, powermoves, freestyle among others.

Not impressed yet? well, there's more: Using my knowledge and expetiences I put together my own concept: Breakin'fit.
B-fit is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that uses traditional workout moves with bboying moves, resulting in a novelty, fun and challenging workout, good for tight schedules and will make you SWEAT IT!!

This is it ya'll! Hope to see you in the flipside. ;)

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