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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Language: English

What you'll learn

BaiLa is a dance fitness program, that has a unique numbered system that allows anyone to learn authentic dance moves while having a full body workout. BaiLa has developed 10 basic steps per style, allowing anyone to learn the authentic foundations of Latin dancing. You will love the feeling of knowing how to anticipate what is coming, giving you the opportunity to dance, workout and have the best time. Make your dance fitness journey the most exciting part of your day while achieving your personal fitness goals. We always say, Dance First, Think Later!!

Video Description

You will learn the foundations of Dancehall. Dancehall is the native national dance style of Jamaica. The 10 Dancehall steps will make your body groove, wind and roll to the Jamaican rythms, These 10 steps give you a wide range of moves to enjoy and properly express this style. Every step can be used for a dance fitness class or social partner dancing.

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Daniel Jaime

Daniel was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Brazil. He began his dancing career at the age 11. Studying dance in both Colombia and Brazil greatly influenced Daniels dancing styles , having learnt the techniques and styles of Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue in Colombia coupled with the intensity of Samba , Brazilian funk, Afro and Axe learnt and practiced in Brazil. With his passion for dance and extensive experience , Daniel became a professional dance choreographer, creating and performing in numerous entertainment shows, TV performances and corporate events.

Daniel’s passion for dance is matched with his love and enthusiasm for martial arts and fitness. He started learning and practicing Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art) at the age of 11, and later studied the disciplines of Muay Thai (Thai Box) , Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Boxing. He conducted his first group fitness class at the age of 14. Since then Daniel’s experience, knowledge and expertise in the areas of dance, fitness, training and martial arts have only amplified making him a very experienced personal trainer (PT) , group fitness instructor, dancer choreographer and entertainer (performer).

Daniel has transformed the lives and bodies of countless clients, including TV celebrities and beauty pageant contestants (in his native Colombia). Inspiring hundreds of fitness lovers with his passion for health and fitness, Daniel has transformed and bettered the lives of many grateful recipients with his knowledge and expertise.

BaiLa was the result of a life change experience for Daniel when he moved to Melbourne ,Australia 11 years ago (2009) . Landing with no English and very eager to share his love of dance , Daniel started teaching and training at leading health clubs in Melbourne . Having little experience of the English language forced him to discover new ways to communicate his knowledge and conduct his dance classes. In one of his earlier classes , Daniel noticed that his students were following his lead through the numbers and not ‘words’ that he gave for the different steps. And so …BaiLa was Born, giving birth to a whole new concept of teaching dance fitness through a numbered system.

Daniel’s passion for dance, his background as a professional dancer, choreographer and teaching all contributed to the creation of his own dance fitness program called BaiLa (pr. By-La)

BaiLa has become the latest dance fitness phenomenon in Australia, and has already made its introduction into several countries around the world, where BaiLa’s unique method of teaching dance has been an incredible success. BaiLa’s distinctive style of teaching allows anyone, anywhere, any gender, any age and any language to learn and enjoy dance!!

The BaiLa brand’s replicatable system makes it easy to teach as well. Daniel has created an instructor’s program for those wanting to share their love of dance and BaiLa. There are BaiLa school programs, BaiLa activewear range and now BaiLa on-line programs.

Looking forward to having you join the BaiLa community , once you start you can't stop.

Dance First, Think Later.

Daniel jaime

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