Ballet Technique - Class One

Progressive Ballet Technique

  • Genre(s): Ballet
  • Duration: 00:40:54
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Language: English

What you'll learn

This is class one of my junior/intermediate progressive, technical ballet classes. These classes focus on the importance of applying correct technique to ballet exercises. We will work on strengthening the body and gaining a better understanding of how to execute each ballet movement correctly. Suitable for junior/intermediate level dancers.


Suitable for dancers aged 7 - 12 years at a junior/intermediate level in ballet. Ballet barre or back of a chair is recommended for class.

Video Description

A 40min ballet class with exercises designed to help and improve a dancers overall ballet technique.

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Emma Vaiano

Highly talented and well regarded, Emma is both the consummate performer and choreographer. She has educated herself professionally in dance and teaching and has trained in a variety of styles, specialising in classical ballet and contemporary dance.

She also represented Australia in the national squad as an elite gymnast. This background enables Emma to bring an eclectic vision that is portrayed in each piece that she choreographs.

Her extensive experience with renowned institutions such as the Melbourne Dance Theatre (MDT) Company as both choreographer and dancer has seen her perform in various corporate events, educational programs, ballet and contemporary stage productions such as Swan Lake, Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet and Sleeping Beauty. In addition, she has performed in both the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals and has also received a special commendation for her work in the ‘Short and Sweet Dance Festival’.

Emma is also one of Masters Of Choreography's chief choreographers. She has created works for many of their showcase productions including Once Upon a Time, A Nightmare on Dance Street and Signs of the Zodiac. She has most recently been co-choreographer for their highly successful International touring show Beats On Pointe which made its debut on London’s West End in 2018.
Emma is also the chief ballet choreographer for the National touring show Raise The Barre.
She has also had many opportunities choreographing for corporate companies including Hair House Warehouse and Lulu Lemon Australia.

In 2018 Emma began working as the Events Director for Masters Of Choreography. In this time she has helped organise many dance events including Masters Dance Expo, Arnold Sports Festival, Hip Hop Shakedown and annual dance showcases.

Most recently Emma had the privilege of writing and choreographing a new ballet show for Masters Of Choreography called ‘Music Box’.

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