Riley Bourne Choreography to "ROULETTE" by Church & AP

Learn my Litefeet/Popping influenced Choreo, let's train!

  • Genre(s): Hip Hop
  • Duration: 00:34:51
  • Level: Advanced
  • Language: English

Video Description

This piece is heavily focused on the training aspect of learning Choreography. It utilises intricate arm work, isolation, and grooves. This routine also includes movement inspired by the styles Litefeet and Popping, which I provide a little more information behind. Please enjoy learning, take your time, and get ready to train! :D

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Riley Bourne


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Riley Bourne is a Dancer, Choreographer, and Instructor from New Zealand and has been a consistent force in the NZ Street Dance scene since 2007. Having had many mentors training Riley from the age of just 6 years old, he has gained knowledge of a variety of styles within the genre of Hip Hop dance and likes to use his knowledge of Hip Hop culture to ensure that his choreography is always pushing boundaries, and will withstand the test of time.
Throughout the 17 years of Riley’s dance journey, he has had several years training in Hip Hop Syllabus work earning himself credentials and techniques in teaching dance. He has gained a lot of experience as a teacher, having taught workshops in multiple countries such as the USA, India, France, Taiwan, Australia, and all over New Zealand. Riley has also had an extensive amount of experience in the commercial dance industry having been an assistant Choreographer on the “Young” Music Video for Chinese rap artist KUN, as well as Choreographing and performing in Music Videos for New Zealand Hip Hop artists by the likes of Kings, and SWIDT. Riley has performed as a back-up dancer for the X-Factor NZ, and has also danced in multiple live performances and Music Videos overseas with Taiwanese superstar, Jolin Tsai. Riley was recently featured in the cast of “GODDESS”, a theatre show created by the Dream Dance Company in Sydney, Australia, Choreographed by Caetlyn Watson.
Riley has competed and judged at various competitions around the world. He is one of the core members and Choreographers for the ‘Bradas' collective, a team that made history by winning two Gold Medals back to back at the Hip Hop International “World Hip Hop Championships” in the Adult Division. The Bradas also were featured on Season 2 of the NBC Television series “World Of Dance” judged by Jennifer Lopez, NeYo, and Derek Hough.
Hard work, valued knowledge, and positive energy has earned Riley the respect of many among the NZ Dance scene, and he will not stop until his passion for his craft is shared with all the world.

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